Foo Foo Ki Kahani

Few months back, my cousin forwarded me a video on WhatsApp with this message: “Did you make this? Your name is mentioned in the credits at the end” To my amazement, I found that it was the same video which I had created while in college for a competition 4 years ago. It was about life of an engineering student. It was a funny video. Memories of the good old college days came rushing when I saw that video. The entire audience had laughed out loud while watching it. Even though the audience response was tremendous, it failed to fetch a prize. But for me the audience love was more valuable than any prize.

I asked my cousin, “How did you get this?” She said,”It was forwarded to me by my friend who had received it from another friend. The video is being shared everywhere!” I was thrilled, and annoyed at the same time. Thrilled because so many people loved the video, annoyed because it was leaked to the world without my knowledge! Curious to know, how far it has reached, I couldn’t stop myself googling it. There were many hits on YouTube. I went through each one of them. I was half laughing & half angry. Some claimed that it was their idea and when they were asked why “Sneha Bangera” was mentioned rather than their name, they said that they had asked Sneha Bangera to edit it and they didn’t bother to add their names. Strangers claimed that they were close friends of mine and hence posted it on their YouTube channel on my behalf. It was really hilarious to see the extent to which they went to cover one lie.

Couple of days back, when I googled my name (don’t tell me you don’t google your name), I saw Google prompting “sneha bangera foo foo” It put a smile on my face. I felt as if I have attained some kind of celebrity status on the web. I clicked on “sneha bangera foo foo”. As usual there were many YouTube channels showing it. But there was one which caught my attention: “Sequel to Foo Foo Ki Kahani” I checked out the video, they had continued the story in the same video, using the same music & images which I had used. I almost thought they would remove my name from that video, but to my delight they didn’t remove. They kept my name and added theirs as well.

While creating the video, I never imagined that it would go viral over the internet. I had made it by keeping engineering students in mind, but I was amazed to see that Foo Foo spoke to students of every stream not just engineering. It feels great to know that through Foo Foo, I made millions of student forget their exam pressures for a while and made them smile. I also thank all those YouTube channel owners for posting my video & making me famous! 🙂


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