Window Seat Movies

It was pitch black. The only sound we could hear was of the rattling wheels & the creaking joints of the train carriage. In just few seconds, we were enveloped with blinding light all around us, as the train carried us out of the tunnel. There was a collective gasp all around as we saw the breath taking sight emerging before us. It was as if the entire mountain range had worn a beautiful green robe, which was sparkling like emeralds due to the drizzling rain. Among the mighty mountains, waterfalls emerged here & there, making the sight even more magical. The dense mist floating among the trees added a dream like effect.

As I sat near the train window, enchanted by the exquisite view, a cool breeze carrying rain drops kissed my face. Neither Avatar nor The Jungle Book could have evoked such a thrill, as watching the wilderness through a train window.

And hence, I am a hard core fan of window seat movies. You can never guess what you will see next. There is drama, action, comedy & sometimes tragedy as well…

The lady was holding a 2 year old kid on one hand & her other hand was pulling the shirt of a man. He clearly looked drunk. Another kid was clutching his leg. From their torn dirty clothing it was apparent that they were very poor. The man was pushing them away & was trying to lie down on the adjoining railway tracks. The lady & the kids were crying. All 3 of them were trying hard to push him away from the tracks.

Our train had moved on, leaving that station behind, but that sight stayed with me. That sight broke my heart into thousand pieces. I was choked with emotions. I craned my neck out through the train window, to catch one last glimpse of that family but our train had picked up speed. I felt sorry for that poor mother & anger for that drunken idiot. I felt helpless & sad.

As the train sped away, my eyes spotted a bunch of monkeys perched on the trees along the tracks. I saw a monkey with a child clinging to her stomach. She was feeding her child whatever little food she got. IMG_2673.JPGAnd for some weird reason, I saw the similarities between the two mothers, both mothers fighting their own battles for giving a better life to their little ones. I saw their determination beneath their fears, their courage at the time of challenging situations & that gave me inspiration. The cute little fellow suddenly left his mother & jumped to catch a butterfly… he fell flat on his face… making me smile.

While shuttling between Pune & Bengaluru on a bus, I get to watch many interesting short movies… kids jumping into the rivers, enjoying in the hot sun… sugarcane plants dancing & swaying to the melodious rhythm of a gentle breeze… hard working farmers enjoying a quick nap under the cool shade of a mango tree… the yellow mangoes looking enticingly at me from the mango trees… the blazing red Gulmohar trees in full bloom announcing cheerfully that its May… the sun glasses wearing scarecrow looking handsome in his blue jeans & blue shirt amidst the jowar field… the wind mills interacting with the winds on top of mountains at a distance…

Apart from the countryside, I also get to watch the good, the bad & the ugly of both the cities… roads overflowing with vehicles… war of words among the vehicle owners in traffic infested roads… ladies busy in bargaining on the street side markets… group of people standing around the pani puri wala as if he is the eighth wonder of the world…the drizzle on Bengaluru roads…the hot dry air on Pune roads…cows walking proudly on the roads as if they own it… people dangling from the doors of overcrowded local buses like mangoes dangling on trees… the graffiti on the pillars of the flyovers… movie posters of regional languages showing heroes with 3 ponytails & scared looking heroines… posters of fans alongside the poster of the film hero…the dazzling city lights…the illusion of  flowing golden river created by the moving vehicular headlights reflecting off the wet roads…

I call the window seat a magic seat which allows you to take a sneak peek into the lives of others. Lives which are ordinary, but when observed carefully can inspire us to lead extraordinary lives! That’s why I really get pissed off when I see people who fight hard to get the window seat, only to doze off…


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