I was happy until I watched a news channel

The news anchor was screaming: “A cyclist bled to death while the on lookers simply took videos of him dying”. The channel kept showing the same videos which the on lookers took. The irony of it wasn’t perceptible to the over excited news anchor.

Another instance when I got really depressed was when the news channel kept airing the CCTV footage of girl being molested by two men. It was disturbing to watch it the first time but watching it in loop makes you feel miserable. I can’t even imagine how the victim would feel watching it being aired again & again on national television.

Over the time I realized that every time I watch a news channel I get depressed. Why is it that the major portion of news is always related to killings, rape, suicides, scams, corruption, molestation, riots & terrorism? I don’t even remember the last time any news channel aired something related to happy news. We have become so accustomed to hear about the bad things that we always think negatively. And when the news about ‘presstitutes’ broke out, I lost all faith in the news industry.

We are always surrounded by negative news; hence, it’s no surprise that we as a nation are among the most depressed nations in the world. This again was cheerfully reported by our news channels.

I have stopped watching the news channels these days and I am quite happy. I am no longer cynical about our country, but hopeful. Apart from Bollywood, Cricket & Politics, there are whole lot of other areas which have been silently progressing and very few know about it.

Nobody reports about a villager who grew a whole forest in an attempt to save our planet. No news channel is interested in reporting about young volunteers in our country who help the needy. News channels don’t care much about everyday heroes in our country who save lives. Very few journalists report about the good things in our country.

I am not saying that journalists shouldn’t report about the bad things. They should. But report about the good things in equal measure. Exposing corrupt ministers is necessary but attention should also be given to those who make our country proud. It will help inspire others rather than only feel bad about our nation.



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