A Single’s Love Story

Fortunately (as per my married friends) & unfortunately (as per my relatives) I am single. Every valentine’s day, like all singles, I wonder when my Mr. Right would turn up. This valentine’s day, instead of brooding over the absence of roses on my doorstep, I decided to celebrate other kinds of love.

Love need not always mean roses, chocolates, gifts or candlelight dinners. It can also be a gentle pat on your back by your father or the heavenly aroma emanating from mother’s kitchen. It can be giggling on a private joke with your cousins or fighting with your siblings. img-20161202-wa0015It can be the cutting chai with your bunch of crazy friends on a lazy afternoon. It can be the hot steaming pakodas made for you by your neighbor.

Love need not be expressed only through love letters, poems or songs. It can be through your mom’s scolding. It can be through your father’s scary silence or your sibling’s punch in your face. It can be through your brother’s concern: “Ghar pohunch gayi na?” It can also be the extra star on your notebook given by your school teacher.

Love need not always mean long drives on an exotic location. It can be sharing the ear phone with your mom while listening to music on long journey. It can also be gossiping with your friends in a fully packed local train or fighting with your sibling for the window seat of bus while visiting relatives.

Love has many forms. It has different meaning to different people. Some people in spite of having many friends & relatives feel lonely or unloved because they keep waiting for the love from that special someone, ignoring the love that is already around them.

I am grateful to all the love showered on me by all the lovely people in my life. I may not get roses this valentine’s day but I will cherish the fragrance of good times shared with my loved ones.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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