When my Nose goes for a date with Common Cold

It is the season of love and my nose has a huge crush on common cold. After every ice cream or cold drink date my nose falls head over heels in love with cold. Sometimes even dust plays cupid to this made-for-each other pair.

And me being the villain in this love story, I employ all sorts of tricks to get rid of the cold. My trusted tonsils, whose only goal in life is to keep an eye on these roadside romeos, are the first ones to notify me about the upcoming stormy affair.

So I employ the first weapon in my armoury- gargling with hot water containing salt & turmeric. This works when the cold is really not that into my nose. But if it is one of the fight-till-the-end types, then I have to employ an assorted combination of weapons.

I drink hot water just to irritate the cold. I also trust my old commanders- Ginger & Pepper for their experience in dealing with these kinds of affairs. I rely on Tulsi to convince my nose that the cold is not the right guy.

The battle rages on for two three days. The white blood cells properly allocate the resources provided by Ginger-Pepper-Tulsi to ensure victory. They mostly win the battles for me. However, there are times when they lose the battle.

At such times, you can rely on medicines which convince my brain that the battle will be won (even if the tablet is useless like placebo). Once the brain is convinced about the winning then the cold never stands a chance.

Of course the cold doesn’t give up that easily. It will brainwash the nose in such a way that both nostrils get blocked in the middle of the night, forcing you to gasp for air through your mouth.

And the worst part, with your nose blocked you can’t even differentiate the taste between karela ki subji (bitter gourd) and gulab jamun. Everything becomes tasteless.

Sometimes I feel nose courts cold just to make us aware of its importance. Breathing happens so naturally that we usually take it for granted. Smell plays an important role in tasting food. Without smell you can never enjoy food. Try eating something with your nose closed, you can experience the difference.

Our ancient scriptures have always insisted on breathing the right way. One of the meditation techniques is to focus solely on our breathing. It is a powerful way of clearing all that noise in our minds & helps in building strong immunity system. In short, take care of your breathing and it will take care of you!

My tonsils are now poking me with “Invasion alert” signals. I need to get that hot water for gargling…Oh no.. AAaaa…. Aaaa… AAAAAAAACHOOOOOOOOOO! And so it begins…


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